JUNE 2017

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Who We Are

Whether you are new to using herbs, sceptical, curious, novice or an avid user, Herbs4Healing has been created to make herbs accessible for you. Essentially an online apothecary!

Here you will be able to seek professional herbal advice and consultation, enjoy expertly hand blended organic herbal teas and have a chance to create your own blend, using organic single loose herbs.

Our vision is to encourage, empower and educate people to use herbs and rediscover the amazing ability to heal the holistic way.

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Very simply herbal medicine is another way of treating disease using herbs. It is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind and every culture has its own historical practices. 80% of the world uses herbal medicine according to WHO (World Health Organisation). Food and medicine derived from plants provide a chemical continuum which reflects the famous words ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ Hippocrates (father of medicine).

Herbs are very complex, so they are able to help with complex situations as they do not only treat the physical aspect but also the emotional too!

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Unearthing The Knowledge Of Healing Through Herbs

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