Traditional Herbal Medicine vs Modern Medicine

Herbal medicine has a rich culture based history; all civilisations have their own native herbs and practices which are great medical systems in their own right. Western Herbal Medicine is derived from Anglo-American and European traditional practices. Chinese comes from Chinese Traditional Medicine.

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Is there any clinical proof Herbal Medicine works?

Many common pharmaceutical drugs have been directly and indirectly derived from herbs. E.g. Salicylic acid was initially prepared from meadow sweet (Filipendula ulmaria) herb. Aspirin is a synthetic derivative of salicylic acid. Herbal medicine has been with us for millennia & practised for centuries.

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Is it safe to take alongside other medication?

While herbal medicine is considered safe, herbs are contraindicated with certain drugs, as they may possibly reduce the efficacy of the drug or clear it out of the system. A qualified herbalist would be able to advice you on the right blend taking into consideration your own situation and needs.

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Very simply herbal medicine is another way of treating disease using herbs. It is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind and every culture has its own historical practices.